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About Us

The WilAmy Group was begun from a desire to assist rifle enthusiasts and hunters achieve more pleasurable shooting experiences by offering better triggers, attain greater short and long range accuracy by offering better triggers, and offering first responders and military top of the line effective, reliable, combatĀ  triggers. It is enjoyable to build and upgrade rifles with great triggers with triggers designed to improve shooting and be reliable. The WilAmy Group is a source for those triggers.

The business name contains the names of my children, and the group is my seven grandchildren. I am an United States Marine Corp Rifleman and the first generation of two generations of Marines. I wish to impart my joy of shooting to the grandbabbies, and to teach them mastery of rifle marksmanship with accuracy and safety. Hopefully, one of more of them will be a third generation Marine and join me to learn and assume the business.